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We have two dedicated gluten-free blending rooms in which all the equipment is reserved exclusively for the blending and processing of our gluten-free products. There are the strictest controls in place to ensure that no contamination occurs, and those controls begin in the field where the crop is grown. Both our products and equipment are tested regularly to ensure that they remain free from gluten, and we also have products tested with an approved independent UKAS laboratory.

Our factory has a BRC Grade A rating which gives our customers complete peace of mind, and we practice Lean principles throughout the company: it isn’t just the ‘what’ we do, but the ‘how’ we do that is important. Our factory also benefits from lots of natural light which means that firstly, our employees can work in a naturally-lit environment, which is more comfortable and pleasant, and secondly, we have far less need for artificial lighting during the day which reduces our energy consumption. With up to 4,000 tonnes of product being processed every month our factory handles an awful lot of packaging so all of our paper, cardboard and plastic is recycled.