Welcome to Pure Gluten Free

Innovative Solutions is a small, family-run company which specialises in gluten-free and other allergen-free food products. Our expertise lies in the blending and packing of specialist flours and ingredients which are essential to successful gluten-free baking. We supply to both individual and commercial customers and we continuously research and test new ingredients and blends which we believe will be of interest and use to those customers. We work in partnership with many other food producers to help them achieve the results they want and many of our recipes are inspired by customer requests.

We hope you will find this site useful and helpful; if you do have any questions or comments then please call or email us - we are always open for a chat.

Happy baking!

Sue, Alan & Keeley

Your family run business sounds lovely and the customer service is lovely. Could you let me know when my flour has been despatched and with who, will I get a tracking number? I am so excited about trying these different recipes especially the eclairs they look yummy. I have downloaded some of your recipes onto my tablet and I will print some off. Thanks again Keeley. Kind Regards and keep up the good work on helping people like me.

After an unfortunate damage occured in this ladies parcel we sent out a replacement straight away. This was Debbie's response:

Thank you, the flour has arrived in perfect condition. You have been very helpful. Compliments on the multi purpose flour I agree it is truly award winning, wow it bakes beautifully, well done.

When I asked if I could use her comments for our testimonial page she kindly replied:

Hi Keeley, feel free to add my comments to the customer feedback page. You have made my life a lot better. Those prefitoroles I made yesterday are even better than my first try with your gluten free flour, even my hubby loves them, I must admit I did add a little white teff flour too, one thing I will say the teff flour made the choix pastry very hazelnut taste which was divine. Keep in touch it is so nice to make new friends.