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Innovative Solutions is a small, family-run company which specialises in gluten-free and other allergen-free food products. Our expertise lies in the blending and packing of specialist flours and ingredients which are essential to successful gluten-free baking. We supply to both individual and commercial customers and we continuously research and test new ingredients and blends which we believe will be of interest and use to those customers. We work in partnership with many other food producers to help them achieve the results they want and many of our recipes are inspired by customer requests.

We hope you will find this site useful and helpful; if you do have any questions or comments then please call or email us - we are always open for a chat.

Happy baking!

Sue, Alan & Keeley

We have had some lovely comments from a new user of our Pure Flour Range this week! It’s always so nice to hear feedback regarding our products!

‘Hello, I just wanted to say that I received my Pure Blended flour and White Teff flour this week on prescription. Yesterday I made the banana and date cake. I added some chopped walnuts and drizzled some icing on top. It was so delicious. My sister and brother-in-law came to visit this morning and with my husband and me it was enjoyed by us all. Thank you for such good products and an excellent recipe. Regards Christine’

With a 2nd message from her asking if she could use our blended flour and Teff flour 50:50 in recipes.

I replied to Christine with the following:

‘Good Morning Christine,

Thank you so much for taking the time to email us with your wonderful comments. It is always a pleasure when we hear our customers are enjoying our products!

I do thoroughly enjoy anything made with our Blended flour and Teff flour. It’s always a good day at the office when our product development team create a GF cake with this blend and I’m not even a Coeliac!

Yes you can use 50:50 blended flour and Teff flour to make most recipes. Please see attached our Victoria sponge recipe; you can substitute half of the blended flour with Teff. They are both plain flours so raising agents will need to be added accordingly.

I hope this helps and we’d love to hear how your Easter baking goes!’

To which Christine responded:

‘Hello Keeley

Many thanks for your swift response. I'll try the Victoria Sponge recipe.

I'm happy for you to use my comments on your website. Incidentally, I've been a diagnosed coeliac for over 40 years and your flours are some of the best I've tried in this time. I'll definitely try some more. I recommended you to my sister who isn't coeliac, but gluten intolerant.

I love the personal touch from your company too. It makes such a refreshing change.

Regards, Christine.’