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Sandwich Loaf

Preparation Time
10 minutes (+ 15 - 30 minutes proving)

Cooking Time
25 - 30 minutes

Makes 1 Loaf

This bread is best eaten fresh or it can be frozen once sliced.

By Innovative



250g/9oz PURE GF Bakery Blend (Ex Blended Flour)
½ tsp PURE Baking Powder
1 tsp PURE Xanthan Gum
½ tsp Sugar
½ tsp Salt
2 tsp PURE Dried Yeast
1 Medium Egg (beaten)
220ml/g Warm Water (hand hot)

Preparation Method

  1. Lightly grease a 1 lb loaf tin with oil.
  2. Weigh the flour, baking powder, Xanthan, salt and yeast together into a bowl, and then whisk to blend.
  3. Measure the sugar into the warm water and stir to dissolve. The water should be warm to the touch but not hot - if it is too hot it will kill the yeast rather than activate it.
  4. Once the sugar is dissolved pour the water and the egg into the flour mix and beat it thoroughly with a wooden spoon or cake beater if using an electric mixer.
  5. Pour the entire mixture into the prepared tray and gently smooth it for an even top.
  6. Spray the top with oil and place inside an oiled bag in a warm place to prove.
  7. When the dough (at its centre) is level with the top of the tin spray again lightly with oil and place immediately in the oven at 190°C.
  8. When baked (the loaf should sound hollow when knocked and be evenly browned) turn the bread onto a wire rack to cool thoroughly.
  9. Once fully cooled this bread can be sliced and frozen, or kept in an airtight container.


I sprinkled the top of the loaf with teff grain before baking and it works even better if you stir a tablespoon or two into the mix itself.