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Our Fans

The feedback of our  fans is so important to us at Pure Gluten Free. Here’s what some of our lovely customers have had to say about our products and service!

Time flies, but not the appreciation for all your help and guidance regarding appropriate prescribable gluten-free flours.

I have complete confidence in using Innovative Solutions Pure range of flours and the tried and tested recipes shared by your customers are wonderful! A warm thank you too to all your staff who have been so kind and friendly.

Jade, Sunderland

I just wanted to say thank you very much! I have been struggling to buy gluten free flour in the current climate and gluten free bread flour has been impossible to get hold of! I have managed to stock my own, my sister’s and my mother in law’s cupboards.

Thanks again. I will be a returning customer.


“We did a tasting at MMU yesterday, six of us went and the bread she made was excellent. We first tried a bread she made without teff flour, it was moist, smelled like fresh normal bread, looked good, texture good, consistency good, I was very impressed.

We then had a control test on three breads, one had 10% teff flour one 20% teff flour and one no teff flour. They all had different numbers so we did not know which we were eating and we could not confer with each other. They were all great, it was a hard job to say which was the best. She was a lovely lady and she gave us a loaf of each bread to take home. I will contact her supervisors to say how professional the tasting and the bread was.”


“I have coeliac disease and have received your products on prescription. I am very happy with them.”

Katherine W

“Since eating teff in my food my eczema has improved 100%. I am very grateful to you and your team for providing this comforting supply. I use the grain for porridge with raisins, cocoa and vanilla. In savory dishes for burgers and fried with potato and onion cakes.”

Anne C

“I did as you asked and made a carrot cake and my friends and family said it was delicious and want me to make some more! We wouldn’t have known it was gluten free. It was a great success.”

Emily R

Crawley Coeliac Group

We always like to help patients who are recently diagnosed as it can be so daunting thinking you’ll never be able to eat bread again, and here’s what Colin had to say:

“Sue, what a delight to receive your mail. You must have a vast customer base if you treat every new customer like this. Being new to all this I now feel I have some one holding my hand and that’s great.Thank you. I will try your recipe later.”

Colin, Hampshire

“I bought your teff flour and it was a good experience indeed! I can also obtain a natural ‘mother sponge’ starting with rice and teff flour just mixed with water. Bread obtained with this ‘starter’ dough is really super. Thank you.”

Marianna Messina, Spain

“Chrissie was delighted with the Chocolate Banana Bread and says the Oatmeal Date and Chocolate Cookies are a favourite with all the family!”

We had a request for more information about the origins of our xanthan gum as this customer has been known to have severe reactions to corn based products.

“This one came to my sister on prescription, so she’s using it. Obviously, when we’re both cooking for an extended family with a variety of requirements, we try to standardise as much as possible. I won’t turn blue and die, I’ll just have one really bad stomach upset and a few days feeling battered. I was just hoping to avoid the “suck it and see” fun and games! I’ve reacted to gums before. In fact, I react to the tiny bit of maize-derived maltodextrin they use as a base to add vitamins to spreads. It’s a bit of a nuisance, and eating out is a minefield!”

We were delighted when she reported back:

“Tested your gum to destruction now and it hasn’t bothered me at all. Just thought you’d like the results from research in the field!! We have various and multiple intolerances in our family and it’s fabulous to find a product we can all trust to produce great results and not cause any reactions at all.”

G, Cheshire

“So many things to think about that I so appreciate all your help. I couldn’t have asked for more helpful people to deal with.”

Vicki M

Start-up GF Business Owner

Hi Keeley, I’m lucky to be simply wheat intolerant, not Coeliac. However, shop-bought ‘free from’ loaves are usually dry, and the consistency of cardboard or polystyrene packing.

However since discovering your website and ordering one of almost everything you sell, (that brownie mix!)  I have refined my regular orders to Bread flour and Multi-Purpose flour.  I have just made another loaf – I bake twice a week and it’s so easy to do by hand – and enclose a photo.

Many, many thanks. Stay safe”


“I have been receiving monthly prescription orders from your company since being diagnosed with coeliac disease several months ago. I would just like to let you know how nice it is to be able to get hold of basic flours, such as the brown and white rice flours, instead of all the pre-mixes in little cardboard boxes.

Although I know it is possible to get rice flour in some supermarkets, I also am aware that many of them are possibly cross contaminated with wheat.”

K Van Dyke

“Hi Keeley,

Thank you so much for replying! I have received your sample along with the leaflets. They are very informative and i really appreciate this help at the start of my journey.



“Just received my first delivery from you. Can’t tell you how excited I am to have found you. Rolling my sleeves up to bake right now!

Thank you so much.”

Pat W

“Hello! I wanted to write to thank you for a delivery of fantastic, high quality gluten free flours. The bread flour has been ideal for pizza bases and chelsea buns. the gluten free sponge mix is delicious and rises so well!

Best carrot cake spices I have had in years and the maize flour has made delicious savoury and sweet cornbread. I was just planning another order.

Your new website looks great!

Thanks heaps for having such a wide selection, really appreciated.”


“I have coeliac disease and have received your products on prescription. I am very happy with them.”

Katherine W

“Sue, First thank you very much not only for your reply but for the depth of your answers and explanation. This has given me confidence in your company. I will try what you have suggested and when I use up my current supply of flour I will be trialling your products with a view to switching. I will also recommend your company to people I know that are in the same position as me. Once again thank you for you reply.

And a couple of days later he wrote:

I made the French bread last night using your instructions on the web site and on your e-mail. The only suitable baking tins I had was a 1/2 loaf tin and some round dishes 3/4 the size of an average barm cake. I am really pleased with the result it is the first time I have eaten good French bread in over 20 years. I am absolutely delighted with the result so once again thank you very much.”


“I requested some of your products for my coeliac prescription this month and would just like to say that I have found them far better than any other suppliers produce.”

Brenda C

“I love the milk loaf and the dutch cookies are so simple – even my sister enjoys the wheat and gluten free products, and she doesn’t have an intolerance!”

“I would just like to say very many thanks for the prompt delivery, I am Ceoliac & it is so difficult to find flour in the shops. I will definitely recommend.”

Jan, Facebook

“You will be pleased to know that we have just made some some super mince pies with the usual ingredients and just adding a little baking powder to your mix (Pure Blended Flour) – really short pastry.”


“I’M DOING THE HAPPY DANCE! I can’t believe it!!! I can buy teff grain!!! I’ve been hunting for it for five years! I shall sprout some, and grind the rest and make injera! So thrilled that I’ve found it at last! I’ve hunted the internet high and low! It’s a wondrous grain, and I can’t wait to be able to get some! You’re wonderful!”


“Just a quick email to thank you very much for the teff flour and the gluten free flour blend. They are both fantastic, I will definitely be adding them to my three boys prescription lists. They are the best thing I have found so far for baking with.”


“Before I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease 3 years ago, I used to buy what I describe a ‘pure’ baking products from my local health food shop. Before I discovered your products I had to put up with baking products from other well known gluten free suppliers that contain a long list of additives which I am quite reluctant to send down to my already weakened digestive system!

These products are probably alright, but I would much prefer to use yours, so very much hope they will be available to me again in the future.”

Brenda C

“Just to say thank you for quick delivery and what nice bread it made the scones were the best made so far with your bread flour”


“Thank you so much for your prompt and extremely helpful response. I shall definitely try some of the products that you suggest and order just a minimal quantity initially to make sure they are suitable.

It’s quite exciting that we may be able to bake some different foods for Luke and hope that we can make his diet a little bit broader as a result. Thank you so much again for your detailed help.”


“Fantastic service and delivery, it was so quick.  Thank you very much. Also, I would like to thank the lady I spoke to as she was wonderful at sorting my request to add to my order at the last minute.  I am looking forward to trying your flour and will be following your online recipe.

When the lockdown occurred and the shelves just emptied I panicked even the gluten free bread disappeared from the shelves, although I prefer to make my own any way.

It was such a relief to find you online and ashamedly I have to admit I had never come across Pure until now.

I love your website with all its tempting recipes and any product I could possibly need so I will be back. I have signed up too.

I really love the pure bread flour and won’t be going back to ‘other brand’ I was using.”

F Elstrop

“I just wanted to say that I received my Pure Blended flour and White Teff flour this week on prescription. Yesterday I made the banana and date cake. I added some chopped walnuts and drizzled some icing on top.

It was so delicious. My sister and brother-in-law came to visit this morning and with my husband and me it was enjoyed by us all. Thank you for such good products and an excellent recipe.

I’ve been a diagnosed coeliac for over 40 years and your flours are some of the best I’ve tried in this time. I’ll definitely try some more. I recommended you to my sister who isn’t coeliac, but gluten intolerant.

I love the personal touch from your company too. It makes such a refreshing change.”

Christine G

“At Liverpool I received a GF Gravy Powder mix, which is wonderful! It goes really well with food cooked in the slow cooker. Sometimes I find veg too soggy with no thickener…when I added the gravy it was much better.”

HB, West Yorkshire

“I just wanted to say that I get your plain flour blend on prescriptions and think it is the best ever. I can cook recipes out of my normal cook books and never get a failure. Thank you and please keep up the good work.”


“I have even got my husband hooked on eating teff Rochdale loaf, that is a first. We have 2 slices left I didn’t need to freeze it. I just put it in a plastic box and it’s still yummy. I say at the moment it’s the best I have made. Because I had a birthday yesterday I made your teff rich fruit cake. I tell you what – it is amazing. Think I will have a birthday every week! To think I don’t normally eat cake, too.”


“I’m loving the teff grain. I just cook the teff up in a 1/2 cup to 2 cups water porridge batch. I cook it for about 10 minutes, stir thoroughly, then let it sit for another 15 minutes covered. It has such a wonderful rich taste and it feels so nourishing.”


“I just got my first prescription of flour from you, including brown teff, and it was lovely. I made pastry with it yesterday and it’s yummy. It’s so nice to have prescription options for wholefoods (which fits with my approach to diet)… Have just noted some of your recipes and look forward to trying them soon.”

K Rouse

“Your family run business sounds lovely and the customer service is lovely. The flour has arrived in perfect condition. You have been very helpful. Compliments on the multi purpose flour I agree it is truly award winning, wow it bakes beautifully, well done. “

Mrs D. Smith

“I wanted to say thank you for supporting my Gluten Free Recipe Swop & Tasting which took place last Saturday, April 6th. The event was attended by over 120 Coeliacs, families and friends. With many bringing along their favourite dish and its recipe. There was lots of interest in the dishes and all were tasted and devoured with great enthusiasm and much discussion about ingredients, methods and techniques and swapping of recipes.

But Saturday turned out to be not only a beautiful Spring day but was also very successful for us with the event producing the ‘best ever funds raising event’ in our region. This success was due, in part and without any doubt, to the generosity of your business in providing me with wonderful raffle prizes and samples. I was able to put together 70 prizes and, when displayed, they created a great deal of interest … and this interest translated into the sale of many tickets. I have also received many messages thanking me for arranging this event saying how much they enjoyed the afternoon.

Thank you again for your help and support.”

Roger George

Coeliac UK Volunteer NW Surrey

“I have tried the white teff and it is very nice! But the brown makes the best sourdough in the world!”

Sue C