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Psyllium Husk


The husks are those of the psyllium seed and are sometimes labelled as ispaghula or isabgol. The Psyllium Husks are indigestible which makes them useful as a source of dietary fibre to help maintain bowel regularity, and are equally useful to relieve constipation as well as diarrhoea. For baking purposes they are used to bind moisture which is particularly helpful in gluten free breadmaking. They should always be consumed with plenty of liquid.

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About Pure Gluten Free Psyllium Husk

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This product does not contain any of the following:
Gluten, Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soya, Maize, Celery, Meat, Fish, Crustacea, Nuts, Sesame, Mustard, SO2, Lupin, Mollusc


This product does contain the following:

Nutritional Information

Energy: 1256kJ/ 300 kcal
Fat: 0.0g
of which saturates: 0.0g
Carbohydrate: 85.0g
of which sugars: 0.0g
Fibre: 75.0g
Protein: 3.0g
Salt: 0.1g


100% Psyllium Husk.

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